Photoshop Keyboard shortcuts for non-EN running English PS

I, and probably a lot of PS users might have had a struggle with keyboard shortcuts. I’ve thought of importing a Finnish kyb-file to my English Photoshop, but I haven’t been able to get my hands into one. Finally I got one and the import went without problems (why have I delayed this so long). So would you, Adobe, please share those kyb-files for Photoshop and every other program and every language you have your programs translated to. Pretty please!

Though the changes are small, they improve workflow quite a lot.

Here’s what I found differing in the Finnish kyb-file:

Command Finnish Shortcut
Paste in Place
Paste Into Shift+Cmd+V
Hide Layers
Bring to Front Ctrl+Shift+Cmd+R
Bring Forward Ctrl+Cmd+R
Send Backward Ctrl+Cmd+A
Send to Back Ctrl+Shift+Cmd+A
Grid Cmd+,
Guides Opt+Shift+Cmd+U
Snap Ctrl+Cmd+S
Lock Guides Ctrl+Cmd+L
Toggle Preserve Transparency
Decrease Brush Size ;
Increase Brush Size :
Decrease Brush Hardness
Increase Brush Hardness *